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Team Colonslash Cup by ETF2L
Für alle Interessenten, ich habe uns für einen TF2 Cup am Dienstag 02.04.13 eingetragen

Hier n paar Infos


Team Colonslash!

That’s right, the kings of circle jerking are back! This time we are not drinking nor screaming frenchopolish words, we are not batting people on automatic sentry guns; no, this time we are trying to enrich your gaming souls with something more materialistic – keys and weapons signed by top EU and US players!

What better way to give you keys then through a one night, single bracket 6v6 cup, made in cooperation with ETF2L? Considering the prize pool, in this cup we are focusing on lower division teams (more info below). Of course, both 6v6 and fun teams can enter the tournament! The cup is happening on Tuesday, 2nd of April, with finals following on Thursday, 4th of April. Signups close Tuesday, 2nd of April at 18:00 CET with brackets published at 19:30 CET.

>>>Sign up here<<<

The cup will be of a single bracket and single elimination format, with all matches (except the final one) played on the same night:

Tuesday 20:00 CET – Round of 32 Starts
Tuesday 20:45 CET – Round of 16 Starts
Tuesday 21:30 CET – Round of 8 Starts
Tuesday 22:15 CET – Round of 4 Starts
Thursday 21:00 CET – Finals Starts (Finals will be casted by VanillaTV’s casters Pledge and Admirable!)
Home map for this cup is going to be cp_quay made by highly talented choiie, whose battle-tested cp_snakewater has been in the official ETF2L map pool for the last 5 seasons. Both Team Colonslash and ETF2L staff members think that cp_quay has a lot of potential for becoming a new highly popular competitive 6v6 map. The map is filled with great hiding places and interesting pushing/holding routes. Judging by the amount of positive feedback from double mixes, cp_quay deserves more attention and play-testing so don’t hesitate and sign up for this cup.

Acquired by various donations (shoutouts below):

1st place – 18 keys, 6 signed weapons (2 Scout, 2 Soldier, 1 Demoman and 1 Medic weapon).
2nd place – 12 keys, 6 signed weapons (2 Scout, 2 Soldier, 1 Demoman and 1 Medic weapon).
3rd place – 6 keys.
The unlocks’ whitelist applicable in Season 14 official games will apply here as well.

In most one night cups, lower div teams receive nothing but a pixel trophy. With this cup we are aiming to reward those teams and their efforts with a symbolic prize pool. That said, we’re asking players higher then div 4 from all leagues and competitions not to participate in this cup. Using general rule 7.3 regarding admin discretion, we will decide which teams fit the „lower div requirement“.

Status screenshot
As a way to negate higher div player usage, all teams are required to upload status screenshot after each match. If a status screenshot is not uploaded, both teams will be punished by cup disqualification.

Considering that some teams have players with higher div experience, this cup will allow up to two default mercs if they are div 4 or below. Unverified players will count as mercs. Using general rule 7.3 regarding admin discretion, we will decide which mercs fit the „lower div requirement“. If you are not sure if you or your teammate can participate, contact an admin on ETF2L IRC channel (#etf2l).

For everything else, standard ETF2L 6v6 rules apply.

A big THANK YOU to our item donators:
Bontsa, Sauce, Cup Cake, Mallux, Prolefeed, Kyriales, TurboTabs, Calump, Ligz, Spike Himself, Loose E (the E stands for Stupid), Marik, Oxy, Gladdy, Enef, Drackk, Player Avatar, Mohawk and Mads.

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